Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A day in the life of Mrs. R...

5:55- Alarm goes off, I hit snooze
6:04- Stupid alarm again, snooze!!
6:13- FINE! I'm awake, scroll through FB for 3-4 min
6:18- Wake kids up for the first time, lay clothes out for Landon
6:20- Shower, brush teeth, get dressed
6:35- Wake kids up for 2nd time, threaten to take everything away if they don't MOVE IT!
6:37- Put make up on while nudging kids to GET READY!!
6:50- Fix hair, warn kids they have 5 more minutes or they get left
6:55- LET'S GO NOW!!!!!!! Grab lunch, rush Lan out door, yell at Lexi to HURRY!!
7:00- Fly down driveway, we are finally on the way
7:20- Arrive at school, send Landon to bus, put stuff in my room, sign in
7:25- Get last minute stuff for the day together
7:30-1:30- I'm ON! Back to back classes then lunch, and maybe just maybe a potty break in between.
1:35- Thank GOD they are GONE to connections, maybe I can pee now!
1:45- Meeting time 3 out of 5 days, some last 15 min, some last an hour
2:30-2:45ish- Run around trying to get stuff done such as deposits, email, write receipts, Beta club forms, oh crap it's duty time!
3:10- Duty- direct kids to LEAVE already!
3:30- grab Lan off bus, walk to my room, talk to teachers along the way, get kids a snack
3:45-4:30- Work on getting stuff ready for next day, grade papers if I have time, put grades in
4:30- Hunt kids down, clock out, get in steaming hot car and hopefully go home if we have no other stops to make
5:00- home, get Lexi to do homework, remind her every 5 minutes to get busy and tell Lan every 5 minutes to please quit jumping around like a WILD animal!
5:45- start dinner
6:30- Dinner time
7:00- clean up kitchen, make sure Lexi finished homework, get Lan to sit down and do homework
7:30-8:00- watch TV and try to chill
8:00- start herding Lan to bath
8:15- Lexi bath time, really Lexi, GO!
8:30- Lan GO TO BED!!!
9:15- Get clothes ready for next day
9:25-10:00- Veg out on FB or watch TV
10:00- Night, night world, cause I believe in bed time!

PHEW!! Typing that makes me tired! I feel like I never have time to do what needs to get done, and after typing that I understand why. I love my job. I love my kids. I love my husband. But this mama is TIRED and really LOVES SUMMER BREAK! 

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