Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A day in the life of Mrs. R...

5:55- Alarm goes off, I hit snooze
6:04- Stupid alarm again, snooze!!
6:13- FINE! I'm awake, scroll through FB for 3-4 min
6:18- Wake kids up for the first time, lay clothes out for Landon
6:20- Shower, brush teeth, get dressed
6:35- Wake kids up for 2nd time, threaten to take everything away if they don't MOVE IT!
6:37- Put make up on while nudging kids to GET READY!!
6:50- Fix hair, warn kids they have 5 more minutes or they get left
6:55- LET'S GO NOW!!!!!!! Grab lunch, rush Lan out door, yell at Lexi to HURRY!!
7:00- Fly down driveway, we are finally on the way
7:20- Arrive at school, send Landon to bus, put stuff in my room, sign in
7:25- Get last minute stuff for the day together
7:30-1:30- I'm ON! Back to back classes then lunch, and maybe just maybe a potty break in between.
1:35- Thank GOD they are GONE to connections, maybe I can pee now!
1:45- Meeting time 3 out of 5 days, some last 15 min, some last an hour
2:30-2:45ish- Run around trying to get stuff done such as deposits, email, write receipts, Beta club forms, oh crap it's duty time!
3:10- Duty- direct kids to LEAVE already!
3:30- grab Lan off bus, walk to my room, talk to teachers along the way, get kids a snack
3:45-4:30- Work on getting stuff ready for next day, grade papers if I have time, put grades in
4:30- Hunt kids down, clock out, get in steaming hot car and hopefully go home if we have no other stops to make
5:00- home, get Lexi to do homework, remind her every 5 minutes to get busy and tell Lan every 5 minutes to please quit jumping around like a WILD animal!
5:45- start dinner
6:30- Dinner time
7:00- clean up kitchen, make sure Lexi finished homework, get Lan to sit down and do homework
7:30-8:00- watch TV and try to chill
8:00- start herding Lan to bath
8:15- Lexi bath time, really Lexi, GO!
8:30- Lan GO TO BED!!!
9:15- Get clothes ready for next day
9:25-10:00- Veg out on FB or watch TV
10:00- Night, night world, cause I believe in bed time!

PHEW!! Typing that makes me tired! I feel like I never have time to do what needs to get done, and after typing that I understand why. I love my job. I love my kids. I love my husband. But this mama is TIRED and really LOVES SUMMER BREAK! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's been a while....

Just wanted to check in and update a little.  Alexas started 6th grade a few weeks ago, and Landon started kindergarten.  My babies are growing up so fast!! So far they are both doing very well.  I started my 9th year of teaching, only 21 more years to go! :) Ryan is still dealing with the Army and their never ending process of hurry up and wait.  He was finally released to work in June, but can't do his job do to his shoulder, so he is being stuck in another job that he used to do.  In 2 weeks he will find out exactly what he can expect as far as his recovery and job, and hopefully whether he will be released from the Army or if he will be able to stay in.  On the weight loss front I started Plexus Slim almost 3 weeks ago, and I am down almost 5lbs.  I maintained over the summer, so now I am at a total loss of almost 25lbs.  I am going to share some photos we had taken this summer.

Friday, May 31, 2013

I hate anxiety!!!

I really really hate anxiety!!!! It literally makes me sick to my stomach. I hate the feeling of helplessness and being ready to crawl out of my skin. I hate that it limits what I can do and where I can go. I hate this feeling!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Weight Loss Update

The spring break beach trip and my brother's wedding has come and gone.  I made it within 1lb of my 20 lb goal! YAY!! Then I pigged out all weekend and gained 2 lbs back, ugh!! Back to the grind and Zumba tonight!  Here is my first after picture!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Catching up....

Just a quick post to do a little catch up! I am still working hard on the weight loss and am down 18lbs!! YAY!!  I have 2 more lbs to my first goal of 20 which I had hoped to reach by my brother's wedding on April 5th, so it is looking like I may just make it yet! YAY! Then 199 here I come!!

Life continues to be busy and crazy! Ryan is having another surgery on his shoulder on Wed.  We continue to impatiently wait on the Army to send us the back pay they off us, but don't worry they are quick to take any money they think we owe them.  We are one week from Spring Break and are all ready for it!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Weight loss journey

Been a while since I posted. I am now down 13 lbs!! Still doing Zumba three times a week and using myfitnesspal app. Eating what I want just in moderation. Headed towards my first goal of 199!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week 3 Weight Loss Update

Week 3 went pretty well!!  I did Zumba 3 days, but didn't get any walking in.  I was under my calorie goal each day too! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!

-4 lbs this week
221 current weight

9lbs closer to my goal!